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If you get out of your own way, and rethink books with the current market and technology, you can start publishing today, learning more every day. Need some guidance on your self-publishing journey? ProWritingAid is a powerful suite of over 20 different writing and editing tools. Copy your draft into their online editor and check grammar, sentence flow, overused words, and more.

Try it for free! Sign in. Get started. David Kadavy Follow. The Writing Cooperative A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better. It was in these early stages that the first few success stories began to emerge: self-publishers such as Amanda Hocking and John Locke became founder members of what is affectionately called the Kindle Million Club — writers who have shifted seven-figure quantities of ebooks.

Self-publishing was spotlit as something not only viable but lucrative. These stories, among others, spurred thousands of authors to join the publishing fray. The brutal truth is that when you can publish anything, people will do exactly that. The market was flooded with indie literature and, sadly, a large percentage of it was substandard.

Bad editing, awful covers, and mediocre content were rife. Advice was scarce, the methods many and varied. It was an exciting time, but a muddled one. Just as self-publishing was trying to shrug off the mantle of vanity publishing, it earned itself a new reputation — for low quality. Lo and behold, the self-publishing stigma was born. Most common is reviewing policy: many critics of all types have closed their doors to self-published books, some because they were inundated by requests and others because they were tired of wasting time on unedited books.

Traditional authors, such as Jonathan Franzen , have decried the rise of indie authors.

How to Self Publish Your Book

But my intent was to turn writers into entrepreneurs. Joanna Penn: Yeah, there are two things really. First of all, I do think you have to kind of keep your head separate in a way. But then you have to switch heads and really focus on the business. And I actually think it comes down to who you select from the environment as your model. That was not an option.

Self-Publishing Poetry Books: Different Traditions

This is magic. But so many artists want to give up control of those intellectual property rights to other people. Publishers for authors or gallery owners for artists, that type of thing. We both know that business is creative. You create wealth, you create jobs, you create all kinds of things through business. And marketing itself can be creative.

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So yeah, you can definitely do both. Brian Clark: Yeah, amen to that.

5 Big Lies about Self-Publishing

What you just said is dead on. Again, I believe that with nonfiction as well, because the way you position that information makes all the difference. I guarantee you James Patterson understands this almost too well. Talk a little bit about that. There are a lot of rights and leverage there. I get so excited about this. When the penny dropped for me, it totally changed my life, so hopefully this will help some people.

But a book is not just a book. Think about it as that one manuscript. Just to give people an outline. Google Play would be another one. And then when a customer orders a copy, one copy is printed and sent directly to the customer.

Then you multiply that by country. And this is possible through Kobo, Apple, Amazon, etc. We can talk about the rise of digital obviously, but then again, multiply that by language. And then you can do workbooks, you can do online courses from that material. I want people to think that one manuscript that you start with — publishers are not charities.

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  • Even if your book only sells a couple of copies in all of these different streams every month, that really does add up over a lifetime. Brian Clark: You may have just convinced me to write a book. I mean, that sounds really enticing. And I know a lot of people either see those two as complementary or the course is the next step beyond the ebook from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Penn for my thriller writers, and that is where I love to spend my time. The teaching side, I do enjoy and I have courses teaching self-publishing in Creative Freedom and the Author Entrepreneur stuff.

    5 Shades of Self-Publishing – Joanne Phillips

    But I really prefer the writing stories. And often, nonfiction books will as well. But fiction does not go out of date, and that makes it the most magic product for the long term. And we all know how some stories continue selling a lot of time after authors die. But for me, the time I spend writing fiction is the time that will keep on giving until after my death.

    Brian Clark: And then we talked about on the actual interview that his next book is audio only though and self-published. Look at the podcast boom, obviously. Joanna Penn: Yeah, audio is super exciting and acx.

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    And Whispersync is going to be tied into the expansion of Google Auto and Apple CarPlay, which is streaming audio in all new vehicles from So, right now, all these new vehicles have streaming Internet and people will be able to start reading on their phones, say over breakfast, get in their car and carry on listening through Whispersync, which syncs their audiobook to where they were in the ebook, which is just fantastic. You want to learn more through audio.

    I think podcasting is a sort of gateway drug to audiobooks, so people should definitely be getting on that. The whole — did you say Whispersync? It syncs between texts, I mean your reading time and then it shifts to audio. That is fantastic. It really is. Again, this is what you run up against, because you need people with the talent or the people willing to put the time in to become good writers. Now, the hard part comes, you actually have to get the word out there.