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The capstone ability to cast limited wish for free is really the tide-turner here. You can trace your ancestry back to one or more dragons, giving you some of their more bestial yet powerful arcane abilities. Recently, a whole slew of new options have opened up for the Draconic bloodline in the form of variant draconic bloodlines found in the Legacy of Dragons book.

Each of these variants alters the bloodline arcana as well as opening up new energy types for your breath weapon and immunities. I'll try to list all of them here, but if I miss any, please let me know! Bonus Spells : mage armor 3rd , resist energy 5th , fly 7th , fear 9th , spell resistance 11th , form of the dragon I 13th , form of the dragon II 15th , form of the dragon III 17th , wish 19th. A nice set of spells, obviously dragon-themed. Wish at the end is a nice little bonus.

The only real issue is that you've got all three form of the dragon spells on the list, when really you would want to drop the lower-level ones when you get the higher-level.

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Toughness, Power Attack, and Blind-Fight will help your melee abilities, while Improved Initiative and Quicken Spell are some of the best feats for casters in the whole game. This is a great ability. This means that you can cast ALL your spells without any somatic, material, or verbal components. You wanna be a tiny rat riding on someone's shoulder? You can still cast ALL your spells, no problems. The only thing you have to watch out for is emotion effects When you cast a specific type of energy spell that happens to require an attack roll, you get to cause the target to get no five-foot step for a round.

If you're not going for a melee build, trade this out for Blood Havoc.

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There is absolutely zero reason that you shouldn't trade this one out for Blood Havoc. Dragon Resistances : This one is a little bit better than Celestial and Abyssal resistances because it includes some Natural Armor bonus along with resistance to your element. Consider trading this out for Blood Piercing. Power of Wyrms : You get several immunities, and blindsense 60 feet, which is pretty sweet.

However, for the flavor of being part-dragon, this one gives you some decent powers, and the bonus feat list is excellent for those who decide to VMC this one. The requirement of taking Skill Focus Perception for the EH feats is honestly not at all detrimental, since Perception is the best skill in the game. Eldritch Heritage for this bloodline is solid for any frontline fighter, and having to take Skill Focus in Perception is more beneficial than detrimental, unlike some other bloodline skills out there.

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Your family probably pops out a lot of Oracles, because you and your kin have a penchant for dreaming visions, which often have some kind of prophetical component. Bonus Spells : sleep 3rd , augury 5th , deep slumber 7th , divination 9th , dream 11th , shadow walk 13th , vision 15th , moment of prescience 17th , astral projection 19th. I do like sleep and deep slumber, but I have to mark them down because of the hit dice restrictions.

Augury is way too vague and dream is only useful to give an ally a message, really. If your hideous laughter spell fails, the parson you cast it on might come after you to keep you from hitting him with another spell, and this can give you a little extra defense. If only it lasted more than one round Best of all, the save DCs for this ability go up with level, unlike the normal lullaby spell, so it will still be useful at later levels! Combat Precognition : Any bonus to your Initiative score is worth having, so I love this ability.

Dreamshaper : Just like a lot of the spells in the bonus spell list, this makes more work for the DM and can lead to all kinds of problems. Not my cup of tea. This one is your bread and butter for groups of weaker enemies at higher levels. Solipsism : This is an incredible power for a debuff-focused caster.

You become incorporeal, but you still can affect corporeal creatures with your debuffs with no problem. This is awesome! I could see a bard or witch taking this to grab lullaby and really sleeping those enemies!

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The Visionary version, though, is much worse than the standard one. This is a great bloodline for a debuffer build, and should be considered by Witches and Summoners for Eldritch Heritage as well. This bloodline is a strange amalgamation of powers, which don't really add up to a single focus, but can create a good jack-of-all-trades sorcerer. Class Skill : Stealth - This is a very helpful skill, as sneaking around can be useful in many situations.

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Make sure to have a decent Dex score to take advantage of it. Bonus Spells: obscuring mist 3rd , ghost whip 5th , ectoplasmic snare 7th , spirit-bound blade 9th , wall of ectoplasm 11th , ethereal jaunt 13th , ectoplasmic eruption 15th , create demiplane 17th , etherealness 19th.

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The spells on this list are very focused on being able to attack creatures that would normally be difficult to attack for one reason or another. Many of these spells let you attack incorporeal creatures, which makes sense with the ectoplasm theme, and several of them are not normally available to sorcerers, so this is a good list overall. Bonus Feats: There are some very good feats here Dodge, Spell Focus, Ectoplasmic Spell Since you're likely going for blasting here, consider grabbing a couple of the Bloodline Mutations in place of your bonus feats.

Arcana: If you're planning to fight a lot of incorporeal creatures, this is an amazing arcana Entangling Ectoplasm: Entangling enemies at low levels can be really useful, and it's nice that this can actually affect incorporeal creatures. Overall, good choice. Ectoplasmic Reach: Getting to do touch attacks with some extra range is pretty cool. The fact that this increases to up to 15 extra feet is really cool. Ectoplasmic Form: A gaseous form spell with a fly spell added to it is actually extremely useful, but it's painful that this doesn't come until 9th level.

Malevolent Ectoplasm: Free black tentacles that grapple incorporeal creatures? Yes please! Ectoplasmic Body: Immunity to sneak attacks is nice, but this isn't a really amazing capstone. VMC this one if you are a fighter that wants to be able to kill off some incorporeals. Final Thought: This bloodline is pretty good, and it's very flavorful.

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There are lots of reasons that you might want to use ectoplasm, the biggest one being when fighting incorporeal creatures. Overall, a decent option. This bloodline is all about fire power literally! This is, overall, better than Elemental fire. Bonus Spells: enlarge person 3rd , scorching ray 5th , fireball 7th , wall of fire 9th , persistent image 11th , planar binding 13th , plane shift 15th , giant form II 17th , wish 19th.

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If you have Dazing Spell, then bump each of those blast spells up a rating. Arcana: This arcana is cool for when you come across a creature with resistance to any element except fire. Drop it for Blood Havoc. Elemental Resistance: Fire resistance 10 at 3rd level is pretty sweet, and it increases to resistance 20 at 9th level.

Efreeti Form: Have you ever wanted to turn into an efreeti? Now you can! Power of the Efreet: Just like the Djinni bloodline, you get access to limited wish without paying the normal cost. That is excellent on its own, but you also get immunity to fire damage AND plane shift once per day. Final Thought: This is a decent bloodline, starting off a little bit weak but getting much better as you go up in level. This is one that I would consdier more strongly if I were beginning a campaign at around 10th level.

You pick an element, and you are essentially the king or queen of that element. The genie-based bloodlines are based very strongly off of this one, so expect a lot of similarities. The restriction on summon monster VIII really hurts, though. Bonus Feats: This list Arcana: Change spells to deal damage based on your elemental affinity. A decent arcana, but nothing earth-shattering. Elemenal Movement: This is the only power that is actually different depending on which element you chose.

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Out of all four choices, the Air one is definitely the best, as a fly speed can get you out of a TON of sticky situations. Elemental Body: Immunity to an elemental damage type and to critical hits is definitely nice, but the Djinni and Efreeti get limited wish! Final Thought: This is a good all-around choice of bloodlines, with solid powers, decent spells and decent feats.

Being a half-elf or human makes that a little bit easier to bear. Several of the abilities mimic druid spells, and you also get several druid spells as bonus spells added to your list. The true awesomeness of this bloodline comes when you go Wildblooded, though.

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An all-around good skill to have. Bonus Spells: entangle 3rd , hideous laughter 5th , deep slumber 7th , poison 9th , tree stride 11th , mislead 13th , phase door 15th , irresistible dance 17th , shapechange 19th. I love hideous laughter and deep slumber as ways to remove an enemy from combat, and tree stride could be just what you need to get out of a tight spot. Dodge and Improved Initiative are great, Quicken Spell is excellent, and you might even want Skill Focus Knowledge nature if you have been making a lot of those checks. All-around, a good list. Stack this with Spell Focus and your hideous laughter and deep slumber casts are going to work much more often.

Read on. Essentially, you gain an animal companion as if you were a druid with your level - 3 as your effective druid level. But wait, it gets better! So, you can cast Enlarge Person on your bear or tiger animal companion, beginning at first level!