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While there is quite a bit of discussion about possible differences between the traditional and new media, there is almost no discussion about the differences between television, radio, and newspapers, or about the distiction between national and local news. As most of the examples that are used in the book come from U. S, the second major omission has to do with the economics of the news.

However, several examples from Israel and Northern Ireland are presented in the book. Making Sense of Media and Politics is written in a conversational style with a clear structure which will appeal to many interested in gaining a basic but thorough understanding of the powerful role that media has in shaping political outcomes.

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Email address:. Experts analyse and debate recent developments across UK government, politics and policy. Facebook Facebook. Previous post Next post. Global Poverty and Inequality. Many of the world's population live in gruelling poverty. This raises many philosophical and political questions: Do the affluent have duties to eradicate global poverty?

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Is there a human right not to suffer poverty? People's standard of living varies enormously between countries. Is global inequality unjust? Is there nothing unjust about global inequalities so long as everyone is above a decent minimum? Climate Change. A second major challenge facing humanity is climate change.

This too raises complex philosophical and political questions.

Enlightenment Political Theory

One of the key questions is: Who should pay the costs of climate change, and how? Locke, First Treatise 30m. Locke, Second Treatise 20m. Hobbes Lessons for the Professors of Mathematics 10m.

Ethics, Economics, and Politics: Principles of Public Policy

Mini Quiz - Enlightenment Political Theory 20m. Video 16 videos. Elements of Utilitarianism 10m.

The Theory of Classical Utilitarianism 23m. The Panopticon and Bentham on Government 7m. Distribution and Diminishing Marginal Utility 17m. Bentham on Equality and Rights 13m. Neoclassical Utilitarianism: The Economic Context 17m. Introduction and the Harm Principle 17m. The Harm Principle in Practice 10m. The Harm Principle and the Spectrum of Harm 18m.

Harm Examples 12m. Is the Harm Principle Conservative? Office Hours 1 1h 9m. Bentham, Intro to Morals and Legislation 10m. Bentham in W.

I. M. D. Little

Stark, Jeremy Bentham's Economic Writings, 25m. Mill, On Liberty, Chs. Mill, On Liberty Ch. Utilitarianism: Classical and Neoclassical 30m. Video 10 videos. Marx Introduction 8m. Marx as an Enlightenment Thinker 15m. Marx's Challenge to Classical Political Economy 20m. The Working Class 12m. Exploitation - The Micro Story 14m. Marx's Overall Failures 14m.

Failures in the Macro Theory 15m. Rethinking the Labor Theory of Value 22m.

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Office Hours 2 49m. Reading 5 lecturas. Marx and Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party 1h 10m. Marx, Capital Vol. I , Prefaces, Chs. Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program 45m. Marx, Theories of Surplus Value, Ch. XVII Sections , 14 50m. Roemer, "Should Marxists be interested in exploitation?

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  7. Marxism, Its Failures and Its Legacy 30m. Video 13 videos. Consent and Thomas Hobbes 12m. John Locke and the Workmanship Ideal 10m. Locke on Consent 16m. Immanuel Kant's Ethics 13m. John Rawls Introduction 10m.

    Principles of Political Economy by John Stuart Mill

    John Rawls's Enduring Innovations 19m. The Veil of Ignorance 7m. Principles of Justice 21m.