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Capricho Espanol Alegro Sinfonico Luz Mala Minuet en la Estilo Uraguayo Danza Guarani Leo Brouwer - Gitarrverk, vol 3 Sonata 1. Fandangos y Boleros 2.

The Ritual of Poetry: A Conversation with Miguel Ángel Zapata

Sarabanda de Scriabin 3. Variations on a Piazzolla Tango 5. Cancion Triste Guastavino 6.

Adam Jensen - The Mystic「Sub Español」

Danza del Altiplano Hika 7. Hika Suite No 2 8. Preludio 9. Allegro Burlesco Andantino An Idea - Passacaglia for Eli Paisaje Cubano con campanas Rito de los Orishas Exordium — conjuro Danza de las diosas negras Written in , La ciudad de las columnas The City of Columns , a nickname for Havana, is an evocative musical journey of various landmarks and images of the Cuban capital.

After the appearance of Folios in he was acknowledged as a formidable master of writing for the guitar, bringing to the instrument a sensibility and imaginative flair which have seldom been equalled. In the Woods was his final composition. Shin-ichi Fukada and Leo Brouwer were both close friends of Takemitsu, and this programme includes Brouwer's two heartfelt homages in his memory.

Music for Guitar and Piano Vol 1 Born in Naples, Ferdinando Carulli wrote the first complete classical guitar method, which continues to be used today. From among his more than guitar pieces come several transcriptions with operatic associations, including those of Beethoven's Variations on an aria by Mozart and several Rossini overtures. His son, Gustavo, also enjoyed a successful career as a guitarist and teacher.

As popular with the glamorous Parisian salon set as with music-loving families who played them at home, these sparkling and melodious works brim with virtuosity and vivacity. The artists have been praised for their 'perfect rhythmic and tonal agreement'. Volume 1 is available on 8. Guitar Sonatas Opp. Music for Two Guitars Vol 1 With a catalogue of more than works with opus numbers, and many others without, few composers have written such a wide variety of immediately appealing music, as rewarding for performers and listeners alike, as Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

His Sonatina Canonica, Op. Fired by profound admiration for the music of J. A landmark in the guitar's history and the most ambitious undertaking for two guitars ever conceived, Castelnuovo-Tedesco's tribute to J. Bach is equally a demonstration of his own melodic inventiveness, wit, vivacity, introspection and lyricism. The Elegiac Fugue, composed shortly before his death, is a fitting musical epitaph.

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Christopher William Pierce's mellifluous sound world explores the sensual, the ornate and the spectacular. Prospero Dreaming - Guitar Music from New Zealand This is the first comprehensive recorded survey of the guitar music of Douglas Lilburn and David Farquhar, the two pre-eminent composers who enriched New Zealand's musical culture in the modern era. Lilburn's Seventeen Pieces explore the instrument's wide-ranging potential, alluding to Spanish idioms, the music of Bach and other influences.

The other pieces by Lilburn are taken from his unpublished music. Lilburn's student, David Farquhar, dedicated his engaging Suite to Ronald Burt, the influential British painter and guitarist, who emigrated to New Zealand in the late s and inspired a new generation of artists to write for and perform on the classical guitar. The title piece of this disc, Prospero Dreaming, evokes Shakespeare's famous line from The Tempest: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on".

First prize winner of Italy's prestigious International Competition Michele Pittaluga and recipient of more than twenty international prizes, Francisco Bernier enjoys an international career. Guitar Music Vol. Marco Tamayo, gitarr.

Classical Guitar Magazine skrev bl a "a major Hispanic offering, delivered with conviction". Los requiebros - compliments gallants 2. Coloquio en la reja - Duo de amor 3.

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El fandango de candil 4. Quejas, o La maja y el ruisenor 5. El amor y la muerte - Balada 6. Epilogo: Serenata del espectro 7. Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Marcia, non troppo funebre — Sempre incalzando 2. With Noisy Vulgarity 3 Fragmente nach Holderlin 4. In lieblicher Blaue 5. Mocht ich ein Komet sein? Wenn einer in den Spiegel siehet 3 Tentos 7. Tranquillamente 8. Allegro rubato 9. Lento Selbst- und Zwiegesprache Neue Volkslieder und Hirtengesange Pastorale Morgenlied Ballade Tanz Rezitativ Abendlied Although it was through the waltz that Lauro found his way as a composer his Venezuelan Waltzes are available on Naxos 8.

Ingwe Zane Banks, electric guitar Luxembourg-born Australian composer Georges Lentz's minute solo guitar work Ingwe an Aboriginal word meaning night is a truly extraordinary achievement. Here, heavy metal meets musical metaphysics, as shrieking amplified sound clashes with the spirituality of Indigenous Australian cultures.

Conceived as part of an open-ended cycle of compositions with the religiously inspired title Caeli enarrant The Heavens are Telling, Psalm XIX , it is at once a nod to guitar heroes such as Jimi Hendrix, and a monumental meditation on the human condition, the bleak vastness of the Australian desert and the awe-inspiring radiance of its night skies. His concertante works for two guitars, for which he is now chiefly remembered, are a far cry from the customary sets of variations and collections of romances with guitar accompaniment of the period.

Allegro moderato 2. Adagio cantabile 3. Allegro agitato 5. Romance: Andante sostenuto 6. Allegro moderato 8. Minuetto: Poco vivace 9. Adagio cantabile Allegretto Duo Concertant in D minor, Op. Allegro Minuetto: Vivace Lorenzo Micheli, gitarr. Miguel Llobet 1. Scherzo - Vals 2. Estudio Capricho 3. Mazurka Respuesta Impromptu Studie E-dur Romans Giulio Regondi 1. Air Varie nr 1 Op 21 2. Reverie Nocturne Op 19 3. Etyd nr 4b 4. The rare chemistry of the two instruments reaches high degrees of virtuosity in The Rage but it is Mertz's colourful depiction of scenes and moods, as in the impressionistic Boat Trip on the Traunsee, the Schubertian Serenade and the atmospheric Going to Vespers which commands our attention.

The three elegiac Funeral Laments are amongst Mertz's finest and most expressive pieces. His guitar music is particularly rich in its use of colour, melody, and lively rhythms to transport the listener into an essentially Spanish expression of a poetic and romantic sensibility.

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Turegano 2. Manzanares el Real 3. Alcaniz 4. Siguenza 5. Alba de Tormes 6. Torija 7. Montemayor 8. Olite 9.