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Dedi Aprianto. Pi makes it clear, however, that the animals are escaping from something not to somewhere. Often escaped animals are not found for some time, or even at all. In Chapter 11, Pi tells of a black leopard that survived unnoticed in Switzerland, in the winter, for over two months. These three chapters detail the behaviors of animals and the connections between humans and animals that will be a fundamental part of the story later. At the end of Chapter 11, Pi is laughing about some animal that could not be found in the Mexican jungle, but at this point, the reader does not know what he is laughing about.

8 Life Lessons From the Life of Pi

There are also some great lessons in life and business, that one can learn from Life Of Pi. If you believe in everything, you will end up not believing in anything at all. His words hold true, not only for religion, but are also valid for our daily life and business. Listening to all sorts of advice will harm your chances and cause delay in reaching your end goal.

As with faith and advisors in life, entrepreneurs must be careful in choosing their business model and target group. Pursuing divergent and often energy sapping paths lead to quick burnouts and eventual disillusionment with the whole process.

This name obviously caused him lot of anguish as everyone started making fun of his name at school and outside. Pi had to work hard on a rebranding exercise. He realized early, that his name can cause him more pain, going ahead in life. So, he decided to remember the value of Pi expressed in several hundred decimal places to drive home the point.

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Associating a story with the name made it work even better for him. So, if you have to work on creating a new brand name of changing your existing brand name for that matter, work on telling a good story which captures the imagination of the audience. The story makes the brand name stick. And, as Pi Patel learnt it the hard way, rebranding can be a difficult and often expensive exercise.

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So, if you inherit an unimaginative or not so great brand name, starting rebranding exercise early as Pi did really helps. Choosing a good brand name could be your first step towards creating a successful brand. When Pi was thrown into the Sea on the lifeboat with limited stock of resources after his ship capsized, he had to make a plan to survive the uncertain and indeterminate period in the harsh seas.

Fortunately, he found a handbook to help him plan for the time on the lifeboat.