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Why did he never promise a heaven or any kind of reward to his followers?

Does any entity that murders thousands of devoted followers deserve to be worshipped? We have come a long way since the ancient barbaric tribes of the Middle East worshipped their various gods, including Jehovah. Tice puts forth the idea, long overdue, that mankind should be allowed to advance spiritually and religiously to keep pace with our modern intellectual maturity. We have walked on the moon, cracked the genetic code, and our knowledge grows exponentially.

Maybe what bothers you should actually amaze you

We are no longer an ancient, isolated tribe of nomads, but a thriving modern culture that deserves a more practical and loving God. Those who persisted in their beliefs stayed imprisoned for life, but, Anna adds,. Basil was arrested in and burnt in either or A huge pyre was built in the Hippodrome where large crowds attended events. He had the choice of walking to a large wooden cross instead of the fire.

Refusing the cross, he was thrown into the fire. Basil's death ended Bogomil influence in Constantinople. With all the years of conflict between the Bogomils and the Orthodox Byzantines, it is amazing that there was only one public execution of Bogomils in the Byzantine Empire.

Jumpin' Jehovah : Exposing the Atrocities of the Old Testament God

As Obolensky observes,. Bosnia In the late 's the Bogomils were badly persecuted in Serbia, but Bosnia was a safe haven. The first great ruler in Bosnia was Kulin , the "Great Ban" ban was the title given to local representatives of the Hungarian kings. His reign, from to , was known for its prosperity.

Bogomilism was hugely prevalent, involving many nobles and landowners. They formed a "Bosnian Church" of their own, headed by a "bishop" and served by a semi-monastic body of devotees who acted as missionaries. The papacy and the Catholic king of Hungary pressured Kulin to recant under threat of war , which he did in In spite of Kulin's "change of heart," Bogomilism continued to grow and flourish.

A group of missionaries arrived to convert the Bosnians. The result? As for the papal missionaries, by there were no other priests in Bosnia except for Bogomils. In Hungary invaded in what was to be the first of at least three crusades against the Bogomils, fashioned after the Albigensian Crusades in France.

The Bosnians immediately threw the Roman Catholic Ban out of the country and appointed a Bogomil leader named Ninoslav. The war continued for years as a stalemate. The warfare smashed up the countryside but whenever the invaders withdrew, the Bogomils went back to their faith, backed by the strength and prosperity of the people. By the late 's, after more failed attempts, Hungary chose not to invade Bosnia. Frustrated voices in Rome began grumbling that Hungary herself should be the object of a crusade.

In , the powerful Subic family was toppled and Stephen Kotromanic , a Bogomil, was elected as ban. He successfully acquired the principality of Hum later called Herzegovina in , foiling Serbian and Hungarian attempts and giving Bosnia access to the sea for the first time in its history. Its prosperous farms and mining operations now had a direct sea route for export. This was a hugely successful country, teeming with heretics.

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It was only a year earlier that the Pope had written to Kotromanic saying,. Let's read this again. Who was, in actuality, the one trying to "kill in secret," by sending a letter to the king, asking that he "exterminate" his own people? A close study of the papacy and its history will expose almost as much corruption as the mafia. Those familiar with papal history will not find these tactics to be of any great surprise. He had usurped the throne, having driven the rightful heir, John Asen II , out of the country and into Russia.

Anti-heretical laws were issued and carried out in , making these events almost simultaneous with the Crusade against the Cathars in the West. Many heretics were tried and went to prison. Followers of John Asen II dethroned Boril in and blinded him, restoring the rightful heir to the throne. Asen, who ruled from , is considered the greatest of all Bulgarian monarchs, and under his reign Bulgarian civilization reached its peak. During Boril's reign the Bogomils had supported the absent Asen, and John never forgot it. They now enjoyed complete protection and freedom under him, suggesting a link between Bulgaria's greatness and the protection and support of the Bogomils.

Pope Gregory IX complained to the king of Hungary of which Bulgaria was a satellite about the kind treatment the heretics were receiving. A crusade was attempted in , but failed miserably. Bosnia achieved similar greatness while allowing the Bogomils to flourish. These were immensely successful nations that were Gnostic in character and belief. What gives any foreign country or pope the right to dictate what a certain nation's beliefs should be when they are at the height of their civilization and quite happy internally?

Cathar origins have been traced to Bogomil missionaries who are believed to have passed through the Dalmatian coast and northern Italy to reach France in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Most serious researchers consider Catharism a direct legacy of the Bogomils. A lesser camp contends that the Cathars were formed independently by long-established Manichaean schools in France, then connected with the Bogomils at the end of the eleventh century.

According to the late Romanian scholar Ioan Couliano , this difference stems from two distinct Cathar groups that existed,. The two types of Catharism may not share common doctrines but they have similar ethics, stemming from Bogomilism. Couliano reveals how this second Cathar group, in his view, also originated in the Balkans. Bogomilism directly influenced the Cathars by the twelfth century. Jung mentions a heretical document that was found in the Archives of the Inquisition at Carcassonne, France.

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  4. This work, he says,. Jung notes that this Latin text contained the Old Bulgarian word osob , which means something like "individuality" or "personality. It is,.

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    At the Last Supper St. John leans on the breast of his Master and questions him on the origin of the world, the spiritual life, and the end of all things. To the Bogomils, the books of John have always been the most revered. Moreover, on the Carcassonne manuscript the Inquisitors had written,. The Cathar Secret Book thus is a Latin translation of a Slavonic work only parts of which survive in the original brought to the West by a high-ranking Bogomil named Nazarius. Hence the Bogomils, if not directly responsible for the Cathars' teachings, at least provided a strong influence on them. This resemblance extends to similar initiatory prayer ceremonies and a number of doctrines, including an exclusive preference for the Lord's Prayer, the disavowal of marriage, a rejection of the doctrine of the physical Incarnation, an emphasis on asceticism, opposition to the instituted church, and belief in the Devil as a son of God who is the unjust ruler of this world, and more.

    During the Albigensian crusades many Cathars reportedly found refuge in Bosnia. The Black Sea flanks the Balkans, where no official Cathar settlements had ever been established. He made this statement at least four years before the Cathar crusades began, so it reflects contact not only in time of need, but out of long-standing spiritual roots.

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    The Cathars were brutally attacked in the Albigensian crusade starting By more than one million Cathars had been slaughtered in France. In , for example, the Catholic bishop of Citeaux ordered the entire population of Beziers, a Cathar city of 20,, put to death and their city destroyed. A minority of Catholics died because the papal legate ordered his soldiers, who wanted to save them,.

    In the Balkans murders did occur but the mass extermination of entire towns, including women and children, was not considered.


    The greatest time in the nations of Bosnia and Bulgaria was when this form of heresy was allowed to thrive, without outside interference. Trey Bundy: Homosexuality was a sickness. Howie: That's the idea, that if I applied myself, I could overcome this. I could cure myself of this problem. Trey Bundy: Howie's uncle suggested that he could stop fantasizing about men by using a calendar to track how often he masturbated. Howie: On that calendar you would mark when you relapsed, and then hopefully the amount of days between that relapse and the next relapse would be greater.

    Objection: I Can't Believe In God Because Of The Atrocities He Commits In The Bible.

    It always had to be greater. Of course, you always hope that the last time is the last time, but of course it never was. Howie: I felt that I was corrupted. I felt that there was something terribly wrong with me.