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Definitely a book I will be recommending to students this year.

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The Next Big Thing is an awareness blog campaign that began in Australia and became international. I guess the idea of two kids falling through a puzzle into another world just came to me and I fell in love with the image of a puzzle made of glass.

MercatorNet: Not exactly kissing cousins

When two cousins discover a glass puzzle, ancient forces are unleashed that threaten their Welsh seaside town in sinister ways. I know it sounds strange, but I started writing this book 25 years ago, when my kids were young: my first attempt at a novel! This was a theme I used in this novel. Well, a drowned island lost in time, tunnels beneath the town and a cavern of lost enchantments, an ancient book, a secret society, a parallel universe.

And, oh yeah, watch out for the terrifying creatures that are waiting to slink out through the puzzle!

Cousins Reunited After 75 Years

The Glass Puzzle. Dad's birthday barbecue had begun in the usual way. Nan had been at our house and in the kitchen almost right after breakfast, helping Mom prepare party snacks and salads. Early afternoon, the neighbors strolled over from next door, and then our friends from around town, with their kids.

A couple of Dad's work friends from Rural Engineering arrived together, and as our backyard began to fill up, the talk and laughter grew louder and louder. When most of Dad's soccer team arrived, the noise got even louder.

The season wasn't due to start for another two weeks, so a long afternoon and a late night wasn't going to affect a weekend game. As cooking smells from the barbecue began to drift across to where we played in the back, the team sang Dad a funny and rude birthday song. Even Nan laughed. And then someone else arrived. I couldn't remember Aunt Renee, but at first I wanted to like her. She was so unlike Mom, a different shape and size, with a louder way of speaking.

She dressed differently from Mom, too: in a leather jacket, jeans, and black buckled boots. The man she had brought with her was dressed much the same. I didn't take a lot of notice of Bon, because I was more interested in my aunt's jacket and the tattoo I could see peeking out from under her sleeve. Mom and Nan walked over to say hello and give my aunt a kiss, but Mom's voice sounded a bit awkward as she made some introductions to the people nearest. Last time I saw him he was just about still in diapers.

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I knew it was the first time she had ever seen my little sister. I had heard Aunt Renee talked about, mostly when adults thought I hadn't been listening. My aunt seemed to move a lot. I asked Mom quietly if the man my aunt had brought along to Dad's birthday was my uncle. Nan had a photo of Bon, just the one. It was a baby photo, kept on her fridge door, in a colorful magnetic frame.

I'd often looked at that photo and wondered about the cousin I didn't know. Bon hadn't followed us kids back out to the grassy strip after we'd come in to raid the food. He poked around our backyard and seemed a bit lost at first, but then went and stood with Gina and her little friends.

When I saw him next, he was over at the food table, busily eating handfuls of chips, crackers, and dips.

Her Cousin's Keeper Discussion Questions

He spent quite a bit of time doing this, and I wondered if he was being greedy or was just really hungry. Then I heard my aunt's voice. Her fingers pressed tightly into his cheeks so that his mouth opened a little. Aunt Renee looked furious. All our guests stopped talking for a moment, and some of them looked a bit shocked. But Bon looked away from his mother as though nothing had happened. I expected him to rub his sore face, or even to cry. Instead, he gazed into space, as his shoulders and arms flopped around a little, before his mother let go of him.

He said nothing. He's my kid. Nan looked anxiously at Bon, then reached over and ran her hand gently across his shoulder. My aunt glared.

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