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Storytelling is how we reach out and allow ourselves to escape a harsh, often unfriendly world to one where we can know excitement, joy and escape - something all the more vital for the most marginalised among us. Storytelling is, therefore, important even vital. Labels: the Friday discussion. Humbug, I tell you; humbug! Dennis and Emma Gladstone are throwing a massive Christmas party. The doorbell rings and when it is opened, their guests find a present on the front porch. Monroe has decorated the house for Christmas and he starts the train for the first time for the season, much to Rosalie's excitement.

Monroe then points out an invitation taped to one of the train cars to Rosalie. When it comes around, Rosalie grabs it. The invitation turns out to be an offer from Monroe to go on a honeymoon with him. Can I just say, it's about time. The two hug happily and they both say that they are going to be okay. At the Gladstone's, a hand breaks its way through the present that was dropped off.

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Emma wakes Dennis to let him know that there is someone in the house. Denis makes his way down the stairs after telling Emma to call the police and hears the sound of things being crashed. He confronts two kallikantzaroi with glowing green eyes. Denis calls out for help and tries to run back upstairs but the kallikantzaroi grab him by the legs and drag him away.


Trubel, Hank and Nick are at the Grimm trailer doing research on the Wesen heretics who burned the cross. Hank questions how they knew that Rosalie and Monroe were married. Back at Nick's Josh Porter is going through the Grimopedia in amazement, as he and Juliet talk about the fact that Wesen are real. Josh mentions that he thought his father was "crazy" and brought his father to Nick because he was dying.

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Josh reveals that there are days when he wishes he could be like Nick and Juliet points out that one day, he might not have a choice. Josh admits that this possibility scares him.

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Josh then questions if the threats against Monroe and Rosalie are real and wonders if there is something he could do to help. Juliet points out that he has enough to deal with right now and Josh concedes the points. The two sit and look at the tree and Josh says that this is his first Christmas away from Philadelphia.

Hank and Nick arrive at the Gladstone's, where Wu tells them that Dennis got banged up pretty badly in a home invasion. Wu adds that the nieghbours reported hearing a lot of strange noises. The cops enter the house and it is a complete wreck.

Wisdom Teeth Combination

Wu takes Hank and Nick to meet Emma, who is anxious to see Dennis. Emma tells them that she heard the attack and that when she finally got downstairs, whoever did this was gone. Emma explains that they had a party with a lot of their friends which went until about Emma does bring up the present left on the front doorstep and points it out to Hank, who goes to check it out. Hank realises that the box looks like something or someone ripped it open from the inside.

Nick picks up a piece of fruit cake that the perpetrators were munching on. Labels: 4 Fangs , Christmas , grimm , Wesen. Jinx the witch is not shy about using her powers when she think it is warranted, much to the worry of the school authorities. To try and unruffle a few feathers, Jinx finds herself pulled into starring in a school play about the dread pirate captain, Sirena. The story is fun, the characters are fun, the world setting is fun. Of course, while the fun is by far and away the main reason to read it, there are some nice bonuses on top of that as well.

We have a short but intriguing story that involves battling the enemy in ways beyond merely squishing and killing them as well as complex villains with difficult and deep motives that are hide to argue against, even if they are overly idealistic and simplistic. Does this give the 10 year old Jinx something of an invincibility complex?

On the plus side he does wake up as if it were a nightmare so, hope! And to a girl, Claire Novak, who is clearly very troubled and often in trouble at that. She is visited in her cell by… Castiel. Jimmy Novak, her father, is the body Castiel is possessing. Alone things are… tense, Claire is not thrilled. Sandy, the nice social services woman, is not that impressed and says no.

Unable to get her out through legitimate means, Castiel stages a gaolbreak in the middle of the night, complete with unconscious guard. So she steals his wallet and ditches him.

downcounrofi.ml She hitchhikes away. And Castiel calls Dean and Sam and Dean is very much doubting that this constitutes an emergency unlike apocalypse 3, and yes this show has had numerous apocalypses nor does Dean especially see why Castiel feels responsible. After much worry about the mark, Dean has Castiel promise to kill him of the Mark turns him evil. Labels: 3. We have Humpty Dumpty just to drive it home - and a gun in classic retro-crime novel style as well; all the elements are there.

I find this cover interesting because here we have a male protagonist presented in a pose that is very similar to poses we see of a lot of female characters on book covers - but there are noted differences.

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Labels: cover review. But there are ongoing effects — the demon Paimon still has forged a link with Lire and is driving her to act to save the world; if she can actually trust a word he says. Invisius is still trying to snare Lire in its own secret machinations…. This book seems to be moving in a very different direction, while still using the wonderfully rich world and excellent characters we had in the last book I loved them so very much.

It was a dire threat to face, but Lire had friends and allies and we were all set up to face it. This book takes a sharp turn — and a much broader focus.

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This brings in the fae and the demons in a much larger extent and we have some wonderful expansions of the world building with both creatures being referenced and developed including an excellent and original reason for why both species actually want to reach Earth I think this is especially important because so much of the genre works by relying on past assumptions of genre staples. Demons want to invade this world? It upgrades the epicness of the series and puts things in a far more important context. But Lire is still front and centre of it — her story is still central.

We still have Lire getting though her life, excellently handling her psychic abilities that have now grown so greatly and her own self-doubts and worries about that. Then, all together, the spirits performed the very unbirdlike act of bowing, their wings spread forward and heads lowered. After a beat they all exploded into flight, like pigeons disturbed while feeding.

The environs took on the solidity of the physical world and Albrecht saw that Tvarivich was staring at him or, more properly, at the crown on his brow. The king. He must have had help, and we all know what kind I mean. He made some kind. Is it so hard to believe that, when the alternative is so ludicrous? And for no real reason. Then, you have to believe that King Albrecht would come all this way across the ocean from his own protectorate just to lie to your face.

That one desperate warrior made the wrong decision in a moment of weakness or that some of the brightest luminaries of the Western world want to trick you into believing he did? He would have trusted Evan to fly solo like that in his defense, but he had no idea whether the Strider saw things the right way. For an outsider, though, Mephi had probably one of the best objective views Albrecht could have asked for.

And it seemed to be having an effect, too. The queen sighed aloud, and her shoulders sagged under a weight of despair and broken faith. How could he betray us? How could he fight so hard to make us believe him and not collapse under the shame of it all? Maybe he was hoping he could start over again if he got far enough away. I know. I just wanted you to know the truth about what really happened between Arkady and me, because you deserve to. You were right about that. We all have to get on the same page before we can assume our rightful position leading the Garou Nation again.

Even if everything Arkady told Queen Tvarivich is a lie, maybe if we get enough heads thinking about it, we can figure out the real truth behind it. We have to take the chance that at least some of it might be true.