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Everfall skates line between teen horror and modern cautionary tale

Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Who better to fight back the darkness of the world than the one responsible for most of it? Indeed, it might be too much if not for the fabled power awaiting him. The Scrivener's Tale. Battleaxe The Axis Trilogy.

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Gandhis will have to take SPG along on foreign trips. The elven race's long seclusion leaves little scope for non-hostile interaction. Their elven blood expressing an unusual range of powers. Immune to being raised as undead, they are seen as the great hope by the common folk. Created by a secretive cabal of dwarves and humans, sponsored by the Imperial House, they also make up a signifigant portion of the Emperor's power base. Human society is feudal, the land owned by nobles but is worked by free men.

The constant plague of undead has resulted in bludgeoning weapons coming into favour; and with so many undead arising with bladed weapons, blades have fallen out of favour and their weilders regarded with suspicion. Likewise has arcane magic fallen out of favour, with the majority of practitioners being Necromancers, or fallen to Taint. The Temple of Light keeps a vigilant watch out for children with arcane potential, taking them from their families at an early age and subjecting them to a harsh regimen of mental discipline and physical training.

Those who survive the constant testing join the Order of the Azure Flame, becomming Battle Mages, and are placed for a period into the service of a respected Paladin. The classes available are: Bard - affiliated with one of the Colleges, or perhaps serving as Herald to one of the great Houses. One of the few groups of people who maintain the ancient art of duelling, and are respected not reviled for their use of a blade. Battle Mage - always affiliated with the Order of Azure Flame.

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The Athame class feature is always a longsword, bastard sword or greatsword. The favoured weapon is the Great Mace.

Druid - a watered down expression of their elven blood, only half elves can be druids. Their inborn link to the natural world a pale shadow of their elven ancestors. Affiliations outside their racial ones are rare. Fighter - can have any affiliation, but will often favour the Orders Militant. Noble - usually affiliated with their House, but occasionally elsewhere.

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The only other group to use a blade without suffering undue suspicion. Ranger - often affiliated with the Orders Militant, or just about any other military affiliation. Rangers fall into two classes, with or without the ability to cast spells. Rogue - affiliation is dependant on concept. Last edited: Jun 21, The current roster of PCs: Kael Silvermane - Human highfolk Noble 1 Cleric 5 Radiant Servant 2 Secondborn son of the ruling Imperial family, he entered the priesthood during his early teens, as was expected of him.

To date he has had only limited contact with his family since, his life dedicated to the Temple. He bears the silver hair that marks those of his bloodline. Harek Hewhammer - Shield Dwarf Cleric 1 Fighter 4 Paladin 3 A solid dependable warrior, has spent his entire life aspiring to paladinhood. Like many of his kin, he will not use arms or armour forged by non-dwarves. In fact, he himself crafted all his own equipment. One of six surviving magi from his age group, he was placed in the service of Lord Paladin Micah Jonas.

He studies siege warfare as a hobby.

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Gunter Lehmann - Human seaking Fighter 8 A seaman, born and bred, he found himself far from the coast after a night of drunken debauchery and just fell in with the rest of the group because he had nothing better to do. His giant blood has given him a truly heroic stature, he stands at a height of 7'4". Cyrion is an angry youth, his hatred for the undead and corrupt driving him to follow a dark path.

His recent acquisition of an Assassin's Klaive has reaffirmed his cause. Originally sent to locate a missing colleague, she accidentally located the missing 2nd in line to the imperial throne, and has been covertly assigned to keep an eye on him.


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Jorn Templeston - Human faekin Ranger 7 An orphan left on the steps of a temple, he was raised to take advantage of his natural affinity for the outdoors. As a scout, he is the eyes of his mentor, a powerful Inquisitor. Last edited: Oct 6, The Party was gathered together by the local ruler, Baron Piotr Tilgentor, after orders from the capital stripped his militia to its bare bones. He needed a group to handle all the problems he would normally have assigned a squad of guards or militia to do.