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Their work focuses on psychological and social protection, financial support, food and non-food goods for households, start-up grants and training for international and local NGOs in different directions. The assistance focuses mainly on the most vulnerable groups of the population, such as families with children and single mothers, people with disabilities and illnesses, members of minority groups, unemployed young people and the elderly.

The focus of the project is the financial and social education of youth under the international programme Aflateen. The main objective is to provide psychological assistance to adolescents and youth affected by a military conflict in the East of Ukraine. The Aflateen programme aims to change the quality of life for the better, to break the circle of poverty in which young people are living and to create new perspectives on life, in which each person can fully realize themselves.

Five educational institutions in Eastern Ukraine have been selected to implement the Aflateen Programme This will be facilitated by 15 trainers for students between the ages of over the span of 32 weeks.

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The teenagers are encouraged to transform theory into practice and to create and implement social and financial activities oriented to the needs of local community. There are now five social and financial projects that have already been implemented, and by the end of the academic year five more are expected to start. The total number of students trained under the programme so far is Back to overview.

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Events Become an event partner. She took time in prayer and studying the Bible. From her love of God came this great love for others. Notice that she always helped the poor — not only when she had time and resources, but always. God raised Dorcas back from the dead because he had compassion on the people who mourned her. He used Peter to bring her back to life because the women who were her friends missed her so much.

Her friends were the poor — the widows. She became too weak to continue her work as a teacher. Depressed and confused, she turned to God to ask his guidance. She was a disciple. Discipleship is common to all believers.

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The apostles in their relation to Christ were on a level with ordinary believers. She was a female disciple. The word here used is not found anywhere else. The masculine form is used often enough, but not the feminine. In ancient Greek the word was not used because the thing was not known. The schools of the philosophers were made up exclusively of men, but "honourable women, not a few," sit at the feet of Jesus and learn of Him.

Judaism truly had its "court of the women," but that was more like a sheep pen. The genius of Judaism was separation, not communion. But "in Christ Jesus there is neither male nor female, but a new creature.

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Dorcas also did much good; but she still continued in the privacy of discipleship. The moral rather than the intellectual is the true sphere of womanhood. The "rights of women" have been much pushed to the front lately; and women are not without danger of forgetting their "duties" in the more exciting question of their "rights. In the text the Church accords to Dorcas her rights — she was a disciple; but Dorcas only thought of her duties, and right faithfully did she fulfil them.

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We now ascend from the region of beauty and faith to the region of character. Mention is specially made of Dorcas's works. In her are perceived the true development of the Christian life. Her natural powers are hallowed in discipleship; her discipleship is perfected in beneficence.

follow url When the Christian life stops short in discipleship, it remains in the embryo stage, and is in danger of dying of inanition. Knowledge gets refined, chastened in work. Water is filtered as it flows onward in its channel. Water stagnant breeds miasma. In like manner knowledge, as long as it remains mere theory, becomes morbid and unhealthy; but let it run out in good works, and it will grow healthful and clear. Dorcas's works are said to be good.

Upon what then does the goodness of an action depend? Dorcas did not undertake to accomplish a thing and then leave it in disorder and confusion. No; she finished her task neatly and pleasingly, A slovenly life cannot be said to be a good life; its negligence seriously detracts from its goodness.

Quality is of greater importance in the kingdom of God than quantity. Dorcas was first a disciple, next full of good works; she was first made good, then she did good. Herein consists the vital difference between Christianity and Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism proposes to improve the surroundings of men — to secure them better houses, wages, food, etc.

Christianity proposes to improve the men themselves, being fully persuaded that if it can better the men, the men will soon better their circumstances. Dorcas not only did good works, but was "full" of them, implying that her heart was the source of her works — the faith of her discipleship flowed out in deeds of benevolence. Look at the natural and the artificial tree.