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Dean Stephens. Sours Jack McLean Volume 2 n. Phyllis Ghim Lian Chew. Language and Worldview Alvino E. Learning from History Moojan Momen. Ross Woodman Volume 2 n. Les Valeurs economiques et les valeurs morales William S.

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Ghai Pierre-Yves Mocquais. John Danesh. Psychology and Peace Ronald Roesch.

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Commonwealth Universe, Age 3: Volume 5: The Lady and the Order by Michelle Levigne - cusmoipilpove.gq

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Marcus Robert Postlethwaite. McLean Susan Stiles Maneck. Contents Strategies for Spiritualization Sandra S. Bradbury and Suheil Bushrui Naysan Sahba. Contents Faith, Protest, and Progress H. Roger K. McLean Julio Savi. Hatcher Ross Woodman. Melanie Smith. Sours Jack McLean. Contents Whither the International Auxiliary Language? Ross Woodman. He is among a group of orph 4. He is among a group of orphans being evacuated from the colony. The captain of the ship, Sunsinger, takes a liking and interest in Bain offering him an opportunity he had dreamed of for years, if he can prove his mettle and show her he can learn quickly.

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I loved the description of the Sunsinger, an old trader vessel. I felt as if I were aboard the ship experiencing the many wonders of an infinite space for the first time, too. The aliens remain a decidedly malignant and frightening force throughout this book.

Mankind is being systematically exterminated. We are given the idea that in other places the fight for the very survival of our species is taking place; we are desperately fighting against a stronger, merciless invading force. But this book does not take us to those struggles, rather it focuses on the evacuation and the attempt to get the orphans safely away to a place called Refuge. It is a well-told coming of age adventure that should not be missed.

Reviewed by Laurie Night Owl Reviews Good read!

I want to be a spacer! Dec 16, Melissa Jane rated it liked it. Not bad, just a little juvenile for my tastes. Plus, it seemed a bit short. Good for preteens especially. May 28, Anna del C. He always tells the other orphans that he is a "spacer", which means his family consists of space travelers and space is in his blood. No one believes him, especially the bully of the orphanage.

He is teased by Toly and his gang. One day, the whole orphanage is put in danger when the horrible Mashrami, an enemy that breeds their ships--not assemble them like the rest of the galaxy-- arrive on the planet to destroy it. All the children are to be eva his is the story of Bain, an orphaned young man.

All the children are to be evacuated in a cargo ship under the command of Lin, a female spacer. She recognizes the spacer in Bain and takes him under her wing to teach and train him on that voyage. For the first time he feels important, especially when the other kids see him as a real spacer and, per the commander, a crew member of the Sunsinger.

He gets to see and feel, firsthand, the music and the wonders of the universe. He also has to learn how to be humble and to grow up faster than the other children under his care. Toly, the bully, feels jealous and plays some mean tricks that soon have Bain in trouble with the captain. Bain learns quickly and is recompensed with more trust and tasks from the commander and the ship's brain, Ganfer. Jdjade rated it really liked it Dec 05, Zhugenaut rated it really liked it Sep 08, Steven rated it really liked it Jul 19, Tr3n1ty rated it liked it Feb 07, A great series!

AuthorIsland rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Steve Cagigas rated it liked it Oct 20, Nick Scott rated it really liked it Jul 27, David Lewis rated it really liked it Nov 12, William T rated it really liked it Mar 29, Sonic Rainboom rated it liked it Apr 23, Through a magical aptitude test, she was listed as a child with magical aptitude. Therefore, she became a promising candidate for conscription into the Empire's Imperial Armed Forces.

Realizing joining the military is inevitable and seeing opportunity to better establish herself in the world, Tanya volunteers instead in order to obtain better treatment and opportunities, with a life plan to get promoted to an elite rear course, Tanya enlisted to the Imperial Army. Tanya successfully graduated from the Military Training Camp at the age of 9 after-which she was promptly promoted to Warrant Officer and was put in command of the artillery firing squad before being deployed on her first Mission. Her first mission's directive was to provide reconnaissance for the ground troops, however, while carrying out her task, her unit was then ambushed by the enemy.

Tanya, upon realizing what was happening, immediately requested a permission to retreat but her request was denied and her orders changed from providing recon to holding the line while reinforcements were deployed in which she was told that they would take approximately 10 minutes. Not wanting to disobey the command from HQ, Tanya engaged the enemy and fought ferociously killing three and severely wounding two one kill and two wounded in the LN. During the battle, Tanya injured herself because, as she saw it, if she were to be injured in battle she would no longer have to fight and would be taken care of, by the military, in return for her 'selfless' sacrifice.

Tanya was assigned to test out the unstable Elinium Type 95 Operation Orb which is majorly invented by Doctor Schugel. At the first flight while using the prototype orb, it exploded when she reached the maximum level 6, feet above sea level , Tanya was still unable to control it, taking slight injuries. Therefore, Tanya was notably peeved when she was brought back to retest the explosive orb countless times and had always failed to use it reliably and effectively.

When she was pulled back the last time for the final checks, she met Being X again while the orb was about to detonate during the flight, during that brief period, Being X solely states that the only requirement to use the orb unfailingly and safely was the pray to him. Tanya was left with no choice but to pray and grasp the control of the orb, successfully utilizing the orb.

This made her think that the orb was a cursed equipment instead of a blessed thing. As a child, Tanya didn't possess much physical strength.

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However, she is able to enhance her basic physical abilities through magical enhancement spells. This allows her to engage in proper close quarter combat and wield a rifle like any other soldier. Her movements are said to resemble a fairy dancing in the sky although most enemies only yell "Monster! Her main tactics are focused on outmaneuvering her opponents, luring them into close quarters for her mage blade or mass elimination with single powerful spells.

Although she has an average record in planning and strategy, she has a special aptitude for analysis and critical thinking skills. Moreover, she can manipulate the plan according to her will. When Tanya gives orders to her subordinates, they can expect harsh punishments if they fail to comply.

Due to her extremely dangerous cuteness and small size, she can easily fool someone by using her skills e. Also, she has an ability to fool anyone by her voice, e.


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If the brass tells us to do something, we do it. Being X's fault. Until I pound free-market principles into that piece of shit, I won't die, no matter what! I'm going to live I'm going to end this! I shall approach thee! A being that is far too great. God keeps forcing us to confront these cruel fates.