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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Pathfinder: Kingmaker Store Page. Global Achievements. Was thinking of going for a concept char using new Sword Lord.

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What is best way for me to approach this, or should I just abandon the concept now? Liked the idea of opening with Sunder which, does Sunder allow for Sneak Attack? Edit: I also have Strength of 10, due to being a Dex build It was disarm that required the Int and Combat Expertise. Last edited by markelphoenix ; 3 Jun am. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. If you already went rogue there is no point going SL. You'd get pretty much nothing out of it. Last edited by InEffect ; 3 Jun am. TLDR; Nothing new under the sun, this post is just part of my series of experiments and practice of active directory exploitation.

We're going to exploit the well-known issue of Kerberos Unconstrained Delegation using the Printer Bug.

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Will Harmjoy and Co. Today we're going to see how to exploit unconstrained delegation with the objective of compromising the whole AD domain. But what's unconstrained delegation?

Well Kerberos is a mess so I'll do my best to be as clear as possible, if I missed something let me know! A common scenario is a user that access a frontend application that needs to modify resources on a database server. Vanilla Kerberos has no way of telling the first server: "OK you can access resources of server 2 on client's behalf".

This is where unconstrained delegation comes into play, when the client sends a TGS to access the first server with unconstrained delegation they will attach their TGT in the same request. In this way the first hop server has a TGT for the client's account, and can request a TGS to access the second hop server on their behalf. So what's the problem with that? Well, if an attacker compromises a server with unconstrained delegation enabled, they can extract TGTs of the accounts that have attempted a connection to the first hop server.

How can we force a connection to a server with unconstrained delegation? I'll give you a few options:. In this post we'll cover the SpoolSample scenario. Her specialties include the genres of Horror, Paranormal, and Dark Fantasy. Lee French lives in Olympia, WA, with two kids, two bicycles, and too much stuff. Jason J. Nugent has been a paperboy, pizza maker, dishwasher, restaurant manager, promotional products sales rep, chamber of commerce director, and one time BBQ champion.

He has skated with Tony Hawk, had a babysitter with a serial killer brother, and is followed by rapper Chuck D on Twitter.

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He and his wife share a home in beautiful Southern Illinois with their son, three cats, and two dogs. More information can be found at jasonjnugent. Rae Hendricks has been writing ever since she could hold a pencil. Beginning as a way to cull her boredom and express her emotions, Rae turned to poetry and short stories at an early age and found that she loved to weave new worlds with her words.

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  • Creative Writing, Theatre, and English educators only added to her love for writing, and she found herself winning many contests as a teen and knew for sure that being an author was somewhere in her future. After a long career of writing for others, she decided it was time to share her own stories with the world, and now she is happy to be writing in a genre she has been passionate about ever since she picked up Harry Potter for the first time; young adult.

    When she is not writing, Rae wears many hats; business owner, editor, mother, teacher, and wife.


    In her free time, she loves to let loose to rock or hip hop, read the latest YA and romantic suspense books, visit the beach, and browse the Internet for the funniest memes. Candace loves to collect Halloween paraphernalia. She is an active rock hound and animal lover. As a martial artist, she toured China by invitation of the Chinese government, and with approval given by an Act of Senate.

    She has won three international martial arts championships and has three black belts. Candace frequently uses her martial arts skills to write fight scenes into novels. Bella Andrews lives in the mountains with a giant white dog and a dragon hoard of seeds and essential oils. By day, clinical psychologist Cecilia Dominic helps people cure their insomnia. By night, this urban fantasy and steampunk author writes fiction that keeps her readers turning pages past bedtime. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with one husband and two cats. Suzanne Jenkins writes contemporary fiction, a reflection of American fantasy but with historical reality.

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    Joynell Schultz was raised at a zoo yeah, bring on the jokes which gave her a love of animals. Melinda Kucsera writes fantastic short stories, novels and books when not being kidnapped by dragons or chased by armies of fictional creatures. She leaves the running of her newsletter to a cast of loveable characters who are far better at engaging in magical mayhem than in effectively marketing the books they star in.

    enter site Visit her website to experience their weekly shenanigans. The skies have gone rogue. Amazon Nook iBooks. Latest News Keep up with the latest news, articles, games, and more! What if you had[…] Read more. The answer I would want to give used[…] Read more. Cannon Time After Time C. Jennifer Ellision The Wrong Witch Bestselling and award-winning author Jennifer Ellision writes about daring young women in magical worlds. Shannon Pemrick Prophecy Chosen Shannon Pemrick is a full-time writer, and fuller-time geek and dragon obsessed.

    Suzanne Hagelin Cascade Suzanne Hagelin has lived as varied and interesting a life as she could manage—growing up in Mexico City, living in the Middle East, traveling and exploring the world, learning languages, working in IT, family, exchange students, teaching, volunteering, and translating. Karen M. Bill Hargenrader Nero Bill Hargenrader is the author of the bestselling near-future science fiction thriller series — Mars Journey. Emma Jane Holloway Scorpion Dawn Ever since childhood, Emma Jane Holloway refused to accept that history was nothing but facts prisoned behind the closed door of time.