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Nina Furstenau

Aumentar la imagen. Biting through the Skin is tender, funny, wise, and beautiful--a celebration of the language of food and an exploration of the ties that bind. Her recipes are a testimonial to the fact that your heritage never deserts you. Be sure your household is stocked with curry ingredients before embarking on this journey; a serious craving awaits you. Furstenau's sensibility is wise, witty, and generous, and her story of finding one's self and family through tastes is inspiring.

Biting through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America's Heartland

Biting through the Skin tells a powerful archetypical story of American identity, of being a stranger in a strange land even in one's home , and of navigating a dual self that in Furstenau's rendering is both comfortingly familiar, yet startlingly fresh. Biting through the Skin is wonderfully captivating.

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At once a traveler's tale, a memoir, and a mouthwatering cookbook, Biting Through the Skin offers a first-generation immigrant's perspective on growing up in America's heartland. Thanks to John F. Ross — know only that he cast an important vote as a U.

But Ross was also a significant abolitionist, journalist, Union officer, and territorial governor of New Mexico. This first full-scale biography of Ross reveals his importance in the history of the United States. He was involved in the abolitionist movement as both a journalist and a participant, as well as in the struggle to bring Kansas into the union as a free state.

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His career also involved him in the expansion of railroads west of the Mississippi, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Gilded Age with its greedy politicians and businessmen. Over the ensuing months, Henry—whom Brown nicknames Little Onion—conceals his true identity as he struggles to stay alive. Eventually Little Onion finds himself with Brown at the historic raid on Harpers Ferry in —one of the great catalysts for the Civil War.

Certainly not Early Auden, the strangest of boys. Early keeps to himself, reads the number pi as a story, and refuses to accept truths others take for granted.

Feeling lost and adrift, Jack connects with Early and the two become friends. During a break from school, the boys set out for the Appalachian Trail on a quest for a great black bear. As Jack and Early travel deeper into the mountains, they meet peculiar and dangerous characters, and they make some shocking discoveries. This Young Adult novel will challenge and astound readers as they navigate mysterious and uncharted lands.

Needle in the Bone tells the astonishing stories of Holocaust survivor Lou Frydman and former Polish resistance fighter Jarek Piekalkiewicz. As mere teenagers during World War II, the two men defied daunting odds, lost everything and nearly everyone in the war, and yet summoned the courage to start new lives. Captured by the German army during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Frydman survived six concentration camps and three death marches.

Piekalkiewicz started his own underground army at age sixteen.

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After the war, Frydman and Piekalkiewicz began the long process of healing, taking different paths through the refugee camps of Europe, and then through university, marriage, and work, eventually leading them both to teaching positions at the University of Kansas, where they met in She heads West, selling her services as a spiritual medium who speaks to the dead.

By the time she reaches Dodge City, business is booming. As punishment, the mob drags Ophelia to Boot Hill and buries her alive in a fresh grave overnight. To her.


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For real. Much of the information for this book came from archives, diaries, newspapers and historical journals- demonstrating the link between the school and the business of feeding the world. Many of the recipes are accompanied by historical anecdotes, narratives and historic photos.

Indian Kitchens from the Inside Out

Just when she thinks nothing else can possibly go wrong, an emergency whisks her parents away to Japan—right before harvest season. Summer and her little brother, Jaz, are left in the care of their grandparents, who come out of retirement in order to harvest wheat and help pay the bills. Having thoroughly disappointed her grandmother, Summer figures the bad luck must be finished—but then it gets worse.

And when that happens, Summer has to figure out how to change it herself, even if it means further displeasing Obaachan. Because it might be the only way to save her family. John Brown was fiercely committed to the militant abolitionist cause. Less well known is his devotion to his family, and they to him.